Clarisse & David

This intimate and romantic wedding has all the peculiarities of the perfect ending of a deep love. Clarissa and David got in touch with me and the only thing they knew when we were thinking of how they imagined their wedding to be is that they wanted to get married in a catholic church in Italy, no matter if with just closest families or not. Beauty and elegance were the key words for them. 

The process of research of the perfect venue and of the best vendors for their event was one of the most pleasant and smooth I have ever had in my business life. The perfect couple I would say, in love with beautiful things no matter how they cost as long as the result is of high level and guaranteed. They could perfectly understand and put into life my business phylosophy which is “high level  vendors for a top quality result”.

The relationship with them was so amazing that we basically organized everything in a few months with no indecisions, with no discussions and complains. Clarissa was always so enthusiast of everything I was submitting to her since we have the same tastes and the same concept of everything. She loves pink in all its shades so this, together with touches of grey, was the cornerstone of the palette I picked up for the wedding, expressed in all little details (bridesmaids dresses, different shades of flowers, ribbons, shoes, etc.) which are the essential part of a beautiful result.

I found for them the perfect place for their celebration, Monteverdi Tuscany, a real gem in the heart of tuscany which combines natural materials with the elegance of a perfect service and set, suitable for intimate weddings that can be celebrated in the little roman church of the hamlet. They were simply enthusiast since it was right the place they were thinking of. The wedding day was filled with so many emotions and joy, with the enthusiasm of a bride and a groom that were completely relaxed and trusted me so much to put me in the best mood ever to create something unique and special for them.

After their wedding celebration Clarissa and David and their guests enjoyed their cocktail on the terrace of the library bar to end this beautiful day with an elegant and marvellous dinner in the garden of their private villa, in such a familiar and joyful atmosphere.