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We are wedding  photographer based in Italy.

We are wedding  photographer based in Italy.

We are fine art film + digital wedding photographer located in south Italy.  Since 2001, we have met and photographed so many wonderful people! Mary and I are husband and wife in life, we met in high school and have been together ever since. We share a passion for photography and it became our only job.

Many of our photographs are captured in an absolutely natural way while others are aimed at creating an elegant atmosphere of great emotional impact. We love our work and we like to work above all with suppliers who put the same passion in their work, only in this way they create unique and beautiful things to tell.

We live in the south of Italy, in a small village near the sea and we have two cats Katty and Holly, who live with us. We specialize in the use of film and medium format equipment, this provides magic and poetry to the final photo.



My Camera: Contax 645 + Fuji400H

Most Inspired By: I am a lover of technology and everything that concerns the web, I like to buy and use analogue cameras. Before becoming a wedding photographer, I worked in the field of fashion, photographing collections of major international brands, clothing and jewelry still life. I love animals and nature.


My Camera: Nikon F100 + Fuji400H

Most Inspired By: I like traveling and getting to know new places and new people I have worked on many weddings, we have been photographing couples from all over the world for almost 18 years, so we met many people and lived many different types of wedding. I love cooking succulent pasta dishes