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We are providers of unique works, tangible memory, timeless;

we are the creators ofwhat “stays”

Il LibroL

Giclée book, binding with no rigid core, acid free

glueing, soft paper. Print on water color certified digigraphie

paper. The price includes treatment Hahnemuehle

protection, matt cover or fabric or si.pe,

cover customization, cotton bag, cardboard box.




Bride & Groom


Wedding Day


Rehearsal Dinner

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Refined detailsR
Fine art PaperF
Canvas coverC

Hi-tec objects, as smartphones and tablet, are hardly entered in our lives, they are an essential part of our living, almost an extension of ourselves. Of course these are extraordinary objects that let us comunicate without barriers. It is incredibile the fact that we can bring with us whole archives of memories that we can browse whenever we wont to. It is amazing.

However, this “ability” is lacking of one of the major sense of a human being; touch. There is no emotion, the emotion that you feel when you touch the paper, you do not feel its heat. The perception of the photo print as historical memory is lost. The idea of the photo as a document, a witness of a pst time interrupted in its continuous flow must be revalued. Furthermore, the customer has to perceive the beauty and prestige of the fine art support, and not just the sentimental value of the photo









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Wide selection of canvas colors for the cover of your album

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Nothing more than the essential, and nothing less than you really need. The Fine Art Wedding Album, assembled by Italian highlyskilled artisans who guarantee top quality luxury products. The Fine Art prints of Giclée Art are made by professional printers, ideal for photography, and they want to be the perfect balance between quality and feelings.

The feeling you get looking through their wedding album is beautiful, lasting memories that will always remain secure. Our albums are printed on refined paper.




• 12x12 inches (30x30 cm)

• 50 page (100 side)

• Covers in canvas




Our clients trust in our judgement to choose the best photos for the album layout based on our knowledge of design and skill to execute the finished product.


No stress! you will not have to select and choose the layout, our graphic designers will perform the selection and layout in the best way, telling what happened on your most beautiful day, without excluding your families and your friends.

All our albums are made by Giclée Art by Luca Buongiorno

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